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Message from the President

I am honored by the interest in our company shown by all our shareholders and would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks for your continued support.

Bell-Park celebrated its 25th anniversary on February 2, 2018. We would like to express our appreciation to shareholders, business partners and other stakeholders for their support. 

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Japan is making progress with creating an environment in the mobile phone sales sector that allows customers to select the best services for their requirements. The main reasons are actions by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications to increase competition ,the expansion of rules that protect consumers and mandatory measures for harmful information filtering enabling measures for youth users. We believe this environment will further increase the importance of carrier shops as a source of reliable face-to-face services. In addition, the rapid emergence of products utilizing the Internet of things (IoT) and other new technologies point to many impending changes that will dramatically alter our lives.

Carrier shops are already in the midst of transforming themselves into so-called life style infrastructure service stations that do more than sell mobile phones. Examples of new activities are fiber-optic lines, electricity, gas, insurance, Internet shopping assistance, robots, and wearable devices. The next step will be to go beyond simply selling products and services. Shops will need to give customers information about experiences that utilize the IoT, artificial intelligence, robots and other services centered on mobile communications. As a result, shops will probably be performing the role of providing customers with even more fulfilling lives in the future brought by revolutionary technologies.

The Bell-Park Group’s mission is “Lovely future". To fulfill this mission, we will constantly develop the skills of our people and create innovative services as we grow. By using these services to earn a high level of customer satisfaction, we aim to be a corporate group that is capable of long-term growth.

In closing, I would like to once again express my appreciation for the support of our shareholders.

March 2018
President & CEO
Takeru Nishikawa

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