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Message from the President

I am honored by the interest in our company shown by all our shareholders and would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks for your continued support.

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The roles of carrier shops have been expanding steadily during the past several years. Customers visit shops for a variety of services that do not involve mobile phone sales. Examples of these services are fiber-optic lines, electricity and Electronic payment. I believe these new roles will soon transform carrier shops into “life style infrastructure service stations” for our customers.

In the near future, carrier shops will do much more than sell products. Customers will view our shops as sources of experiences and knowledge, too. One example is information about the innovative and valuable services that smartphones provide. We will also tell customers how revolutionary technologies can create a better future. Smartphones are becoming a vital device that are closely linked with our lives. For instance, these phones can control air conditioners, TVs, curtains, lights and other items in the home. Some of our shops have started providing information about this capability. The launch of 5G mobile services in Japan is expected in 2020. In this new era, the primary business domain of carrier shops will probably be the distribution of information to customers about using IoT, artificial intelligence, robots and other advanced technologies for enjoying even more fulfilling lives.

The Bell-Park Group remains committed to the mission of being a source of a lovely future for our customers as we look ahead to our own future. To fulfill this mission, we will develop the skills of our people for giving customers ideas and information about innovative services. By using these capabilities to earn outstanding customer satisfaction, we aim to be a corporate group that can achieve long-term growth.

In closing, I would like to once again express my appreciation for the support of our shareholders.

March 2020
President & CEO
Takeru Nishikawa

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