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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Bell-Park stock
What is the stock code?
TSE: 9441
What is the single trading unit?
Are there any special benefits for shareholders?
Please click here to view shareholder benefits.
Who do I contact to change the registration of shares, change my address and access other shareholder services?
Please contact our transfer agent Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation.

Questions about operating results
When does Bell-Park release financial data for its fiscal year?
Fiscal year results are released on or around February each year.
Please click here to see the IR schedule.
Where can I find press release information?
Please click here to view press release information.
Can I view materials distributed at informational meetings for analysts?
Please click here to view presentation materials.
Where can I find information on trends in operating results?
Please click here to view multi-year graphs on net sales and other financial data.
Where can I find information on ROE, EPS and other performance indicators?
Please click here to view performance indicators.
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