Strengths of Bell-Park

Focus to training employees

Personnel able to provide outstanding hospitality and consulting skills is important in carrier shops.
Bell-Park group is constantly recruiting talented individuals, whether recent graduates or people with job experience. We have an extensive training program for employees. One component is a large training center that can accommodate about 200 people. There is also a high-quality on-the-job training program that includes shops for educating employees and a team of instructors.
In addition, there are many programs and activities to maintain a highly motivated workforce. To maintain the proper balance between work and personal time, we have programs to reduce overtime, encourage people to take paid vacation days and give employees consecutive days off. Company trips and events like a Christmas party are other illustrations of our commitment to our employees.

*Two employees of Bell-Park have won first place and third place at the SoftBank Shop customer service contest held in February 2020 for the purpose of improving the skills of shop staff.

A ceremony
to welcome new college graduates
the large training center
  入社式.bmp   ベルカレッジ.JPG  
Christmas party
(company event)
SoftBank Customer Service
No. 1 Grand Prix in Feb,2020

A regionally focused shop network

Bell-Park had 343 stores at the end of December 2019 and about 80% of these shops were located in the Kanto, Tokai and Kansai areas.
This high concentration of shops in three areas makes it possible to share resources as well as new ideas that were successful. The result is a highly profitable shop network.

  No. of carrier shops by region
(End of December 2019)
 Direct  FC Comp.
Tohoku 3 18 6.1%
Hokuriku 9 - 2.6%
Kanto 180 9 55.1%
Tokai 43 11 15.7%
Kansai 18 24 12.2%
Chugoku 13 - 3.8%
Kyushu 15 - 4.4%
Total 281 62 100.0%

Sound financial base

Net assets was 23.8 billion yen (equity ratio: 54.8%), and net cash was 16.3 billion en as of December 2018.
There is our cash and deposits of 21.3 billion yen as future growth fund by adding the 5 billion yen long-term borrowing carried out in March 2016. We will prepare for future business expansion opportunities.

                                                                                                                (million yen)
Fiscal years ended December
Net assets 16,396 17,921 19,655 21,335 23,889
Equity ratio 53.8% 52.0% 50.9% 54.6% 54.8%
Net cash 9,947 10,223 11,452 9,857 16,331
Cash and deposits 9,947 15,223 16,467 14,872 21,345
 * Net cash = Cash and deposits – Interest-bearing debt

Many successful acquisitions of carrier shops

We have used our sound financial base to make 84 acquisitions over the years for the purpose of enlarging our shop network. Expertise gained from these acquisitions allows us to efficiently integrate new operations into our group and quickly improve sales and earnings.
As of the end of December 2019, shops that we acquired through M&As accounted for 184 of our 281 directly operated shops. Furthermore, individuals who belonged to acquired companies and their operations are making a big contribution to our performance.

Average operating income at stores
acquired between October 2012 and June 2018
  * Average of 51 shops    

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