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Medium-term Qualitative Goals


The Bell-Park Group has established medium-term qualitative goals for the purpose of achieving sustained long-term growth by meeting the expectations of customers, shareholders, employees, business partners and all other stakeholders.

We are reinforcing our commitment to fostering a distinctive Bell-Park corporate culture. Our goal is to grow by building on success and learning from failure as we continue to be guided by the Bell-Park Group core value of “We strongly believe in our ability, potential and the possibilities of the future.” The Bell-Park Group has a strong commitment to accomplishing the medium-term qualitative goals by focusing on human resource development and the creation of new and innovative services.


(1) Continue the steady growth of the information and communication device sales and service business.

・Recruit and train people, operate shops more efficiently, relocate and remodel shops, and make investments at an appropriate level to  open more shops

・Increase the number of corporate customers and add peripheral services centered on mobile phones, PCs and other products

(2) Extend the business portfolio to new fields.

・Take actions for the growth of the marriage matchmaking service, IoT device business (planning, imports, wholesale) and personnel placement service that specializes in middle-age and senior workers

・Use M&A and other activities for the launch and growth of businesses, including businesses associated with existing operations, that can become new profit centers

(3) Maintain a consolidated dividend payout ratio of at least 30%.
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