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Established April 1, 2005
Revised October 1, 2005
Revised April 1, 2012
Revised February 1, 2014

Bell-Park Co., Ltd. Privacy Policy

Bell-Park handles personal information, which is defined as personal information concerning customers, suppliers, shareholders and employees that is used for business activities, in accordance with Act on the Protection of Personal Information, Guidelines Targeting Economic and Industrial Sectors Pertaining to the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, Guidelines concerning Measures that Companies Should Use for the Proper Handling of Personal Information involving Employee Management, and JISQ15001:1999 Requirements for Compliance Programs concerning the Protection of Personal Information.

Ball-Park will continue to take actions aimed at protecting personal information and will review and improve personal information protection policies as necessary.

Purposes of Using Personal Information

(1) Bell-Park uses personal information only to the extent required for conducting business activities and for associated activities such as after-sales services, the provision of information about products and services, customer surveys, and other activities. Bell-Park collects personal information in accordance with applicable laws and by using proper methods.

and corporate customers:      
Personal information is used to distribute information and to process contracts and applications associated with the telecommunications business, collect amounts due, provide services and after-sales services, improve products and services, and for other purposes that were disclosed when the information was collected or for which customers’ consent was obtained.

 -Suppliers: Personal information is used for communications and procedures associated with the conduct of business activities and contracts.

 -Shareholders: Personal information is used for operations related to the exercise of shareholder rights and discharge of obligations in accordance with the Companies Act, and for running shareholder benefit programs.

 -Investors and analysts: Personal information is used to provide information about Bell-Park.

 -Job applicants
and employees:
Personal information is used for the recruiting selection process and other purposes that are prescribed by the employee information management rules.

 -Other purposes: Personal information is used to respond to a demand for the disclosure of this information and to ensure the safety of Bell-Park facilities.

(2) When Bell-Park comes in possession of personal information through outsourced operations, such information is strictly managed and its use is limited to the extent required for conducting outsourced operations.

Usage of Personal Information

(1) Bell-Park will not use personal information for a reason other than the purposes of use or as required to conduct outsourced operations unless prior consent has been received from the applicable customers or company outsourcing a task.
(2) When there is a change in the purposes of use, there will be no changes that exceed reasonable bounds, resulting in a revised purpose that does not differ significantly from the previous purpose. Furthermore, Bell-Park will promptly notify customers of the revised purpose of use or make a public announcement of the revision.
(3) Even after a contract has ended, Bell-Park may continue to use the associated personal information to the degree that is necessary for these purposes of use.

Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

(1) In principle, Bell-Park will not disclose or provide personal information to a third party without the prior consent of the customer except in the following cases.

a. Bell-Park may provide personal information to a court, the police or some other government agency if there is a demand to disclose this information in accordance with laws and regulations.
b. Bell-Park may disclose personal information in cases where disclosure is needed to protect the life of the individual, public safety or the individual’s well-being or assets and when it is not possible to receive the consent of the individual.
c. Bell-Park may provide personal information when there is a need to cooperate with a national or local government agency for performing a task prescribed by laws or regulations, or a need to cooperate with a party assigned by such an agency to perform this task, in cases where there is a risk that obtaining the consent of the individual may obstruct the completion of the applicable task.

(2) Bell-Park may disclose or provide personal information that it has received to outsourcing companies or alliance partners in conjunction with any of the above purposes of use.  These outsourcing companies and alliance partners are obligated to protect personal information as required and appropriate and Bell-Park supervises these personal information protection measures.

Sharing of Personal Information

(1) Bell-Park may share customers’ personal information with affiliated companies for any of the above purposes of use.
(2) Personal information items that may be shared are names, dates of birth, gender, age, addresses, postal numbers, telephone numbers, driver’s license numbers, and names and telephone numbers of secondary contacts.
(3) The Bell-Park Sales Division is responsible for managing personal information that is shared as described in this section.

Management of Personal Information

(1) Bell-Park takes the necessary and suitable actions regarding the storage of personal information in order to prevent unauthorized access, leaks and the loss or harmful use of this information.
(2) Bell-Park deletes personal information by using a safe and proper method when there is no longer any need to retain this information because the purpose of use or task that was outsourced has been completed.
(3) Bell-Park has established internal rules for compliance with this privacy policy and has an internal oversight organization in which personal information managers are responsible for compliance.

Disclosure, Revision, Deletion, or Suspension of Personal Information

Bell-Park will reply promptly to requests from customers for the disclosure, revision, deletion, or suspension of use of their personal information, complying with laws and regulations.

Contact Information

Customer assistance unit


Risk Management Department, Administration Division

Telephone number for inquiries





Operating hours


10 :00 am to 5 :00 pm (Closed weekends and holidays)

 and Complaints

Please contact the Risk Management Department of the Administration Division, which is responsible for responding to customer inquiries about the handling of personal information, with any opinions, questions, complaints or other items concerning the handling of personal information by Bell-Park.

This privacy policy will come into effect on February 1, 2014.

Takeru Nishikawa, President & CEO
Bell-Park Co., Ltd.

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