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Terms of Use

This website is managed and operated by Bell-Park Co., Ltd. Please read the following items before using this website. (Please also be aware that we reserve the right to modify the information without advance notice.)


Website users assume all responsibilities associated with the use of this website. Bell-Park carefully prepares and manages the content of this website but provides no assurance regarding the information on the website. Furthermore, Bell-Park is not responsible whatsoever for any losses or damages resulting from the use of information (including information that is obtained from websites with links to this website) on this website.
All information on this website is current as of the time the information was first posted and may be revised at a later date.


Text, photos, illustrations, videos, audio and other content on this website are copyrighted material of Bell-Park or other parties. This content is protected by the Copyright Act and other laws and treaties. Users of this website may not copy, adapt, publicly transmit or otherwise use this content without the prior consent of Bell-Park, except for copying, quotations and other uses for private use that is allowed by the Copyright Act.

Personal Information Protection Policy

Please read the Bell-Park Privacy Policy for information about personal information protection measures that are applicable to this website.

Recommended Environment

Recommended OS and Browser

For this website, Windows XP or a later version is recommended for Windows users and Mac-OS 10 or a later version is recommended for Macintosh users.

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*If an old version of browser is used, please be aware that some pages may fail to display properly.

Please follow the links provided to download and install the latest browser.
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This website (including associated websites) includes content that incorporates animation, videos, PDF and other items. Installation of the following plug-in software is recommended for viewing this content.

To view Flash files, please download at no cost Adobe® Flash® Player plug-in from Adobe Systems, Inc.
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To print or view PDF files, please download at no cost Adobe® Reader™ plug-in from Adobe Systems, Inc.
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This website uses the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) of Verisign for the protection of customers’ personal information. SSL is a security system that uses encryption for the safe transmission and receipt of personal information and of other sensitive information input by customers.

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