Business Summary

Information and communication device sales and service business

Bell-Park Co., Ltd. is engaged in information and communication device sales and service business as an independent mobile phone sales agent centering on the operation of carrier shops and corporate sales.


Carrier Shops

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Bell-Park operates carrier shops (SoftBank Shops, au Shops and Y!mobile Shops) as the primary sales agent for mobile communication services of several carriers. We are responsible for the operations of these shops.
In addition, we outsource operations to franchised shops that serve as secondary sales agents. This franchising business includes the provision of sales expertise and other forms of support to these shops.

No. of Carrier Shops (As of Dec 31,2021)

Direct FC Total
SoftBank Shops 248 53 301
au Shops 7 7
Y!mobile Shops 40 11 51
Total 295 64 359

Corporate Sales

Bell-Park is building a sales network to sell smart devices as well as other related products and services to corporate clients, a market with much growth potential.
The number of corporate clients has been increasing along with the size of the store network. In response to rising demand from companies for more extensive support, Bell-Park established the Corporate Business Division. One role of the division is establishing ties with new clients, as well as offering a full line of assistance to companies after the purchase of handsets and service contracts.
Bell-Park will continue to use its customers-first policy to offer even more services that competitors cannot match.