Business Summary

As an independent mobile phone sales agent, Bell-Park Co. is engaged in the business of selling information and communication equipment and services and comprises two business segments: Carrier Shops and Corporate Solutions.

Carrier Shops

キャリアショップ運営1 キャリアショップ運営2

Bell-Park operates carrier shops (SoftBank Shops, au Shops and Y!mobile Shops) as the primary sales agent for mobile communication services of several carriers. We are responsible for the operations of these shops.
In addition, we outsource operations to franchised shops that serve as secondary sales agents. This franchising business includes the provision of sales expertise and other forms of support to these shops.

No. of Carrier Shops (As of Dec 31,2023)

Direct FC Total
SoftBank Shops 241 48 289
au Shops 7 7
Y!mobile Shops 36 8 44
Total 284 56 340

Corporate Solutions

The Corporate Solutions provides mobile phone services and various solution services to corporate customers. To support the further development of our customers’ businesses, we offer a wide range of customer-oriented services, from consultation on the introduction of corporate mobile phones and cost reductions, to support for the introduction of telework and proposals to improve overall business efficiency.