Code of Compliance

The Bell-Park Group has established the following nine guidelines for ethics in order to ensure that all business operations are based on rigorous compliance activities concerning laws and regulations and ethical behavior.

(1) Compliance with laws and regulations
We will comply with laws and regulations and fulfill our obligations to society.
(2) Fair trade
We will always do business based on fair, transparent and unrestricted competition and transactions.
(3) Disclosure of information
We will quickly and accurately announce information in a format that is easy to understand in accordance with laws and regulations.
(4) Customer satisfaction
We will supply safe products and services that embody considerable value to meet the needs of customers and earn their trust, which are our highest priorities.
(5) Respect for human rights and protection of personal information
We will respect the human rights of customers, business partners and employees and rigorously protect personal information.
(6) Workplace environment
We will maintain pleasant workplaces where employees can do their best by respecting the diversity of our workforce and the individual characteristics of each employee and by preventing discrimination and harassment.
(7) Environmental activities
We will conserve natural resources and use all aspects of our business operations to help protect the environment.
(8) Social responsibility
We will retain a strong commitment to corporate citizenship.
(9) Opposition to anti-social forces
We will refuse to have any relationship with anti-social forces.

* All employees and executives must comply with this Code of Compliance.
* If an individual becomes aware of a violation of this Code of Compliance by an employee or executive, and there are no prospects for a resolution of the problem by a supervisor or associated department, the violation must be reported by using the compliance hotline.
* When there is a violation of this Code of Compliance, the company president must be directly involved in measures to determine a solution, including actions to identify the cause of the problem and preventive measures.
* An executive or employee who violates this Code of Compliance may be subject to a penalty that is prescribed separately from this code.