Workforce Motivation and Growth

The people of the Bell-Park Group are the source of energy for the group’s progress and growth. We are dedicated to maintaining a workplace environment where everyone can work
in good health and safety. In addition, employees have the opportunity to develop their skills and achieve career goals. We are also committed to diversity in our workforce. We firmly believe that the sustained growth of the Bell-Park Group depends on our success in investing in human capital.: enabling people to realize their full potential; emphasis on diversity, equity and inclusion; productive and pleasant workplaces; and programs that help people to stay healthy.

Key Issue 3 Workforce Motivation and Growth: Medium-term Goals

KPI Medium-term goals (2027) Actions
Pct. of female shop managers
Plan     At least 25%
Result 22.4% in 2023
Established goals for female manager training and number of managers; launched a skill development project for women; self-confidence training for women; diversity training for managers; support for raising children
Pct. of female managers
Plan     At least 17.7%
Result 14.7% in 2023
Use of time off for child care
Plan        Close to 100% (Women and Men)
Result Women:95.2% in 2023 / Men: 129.0% in 2023
Foster a climate conducive to Use of time off for child care
Gender wage gap
Plan        Improvement from 2023 (above 84.2%)
Result All workers: 84.2% in 2023
Increase the ratio of female store managers and female managers, and close the gender wage gap
Retention of full-time employees
Plan    At least 90%
Result 89.2% in 2023
Create an environment in which employees can grow with job satisfaction
Use of paid vacation
Plan    12 days
Result 11.5days in 2023
*Employees who are not entitled to paid vacation are not included.
Encourage the addition of one day of paid vacation for every monthly shift
External qualifications and other recognition
The Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations Recognition Program(Large Corporation Category)
(Certified 2022, 2023 and 2024)
Smoking is banned during working hours, and anti-smoking guidelines are made known and assisted by anti-smoking clinics.

Other Qualitative Goals

KPI(consolidated) Qualitative Goals
Pct. of non-Japanese managers Since we operate only in Japan, we have a small number of non-Japanese employees and no non-Japanese managers. We hire employees based on ability regardless of nationality. Once hired, we will evaluate them fairly according to our human resources evaluation system and promote the best employees to management positions.
Pct. of managers who were hired from other companies The proportion of mid-career workers crimped to management positions has remained at around 70%, and we will continue to aim for the current level. We will promote excellent human resources to management positions regardless of whether they are new graduates or mid-career workers.


Human Resources Development

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Basic policy for the development of skills

■Rigorous training programs support self-improvement and growth for enabling people to provide customers with excellent service.
■All lessons are structured to respect the diversity and individuality of our workforce and give people the knowledge needed to provide innovative services.
■Bell-Park wants a powerful workforce that is considerate, sincere, willing to take on challenges

Actions Description
Training by specialised teams ・Training in compliance, management, labour relations, etc., required for all employees.
・Practical training on career shop operations.
Class for middle managers Training to give middle managers the knowledge needed to advance to senior management positions
Skill development project for women A training program for female employees who want to advance to management positions
E-learning Encompasses compliance, harassment, information security, management skills, IT Skills and many other subjects
Bell-Park certification A digitalization certification test given by Bell-Park that tests employees’ understanding of the latest digitization technologies and the ability to provide this information to others in a manner that is easy to understand
*The number of employees who have passed the digitalization certification test in September 2023 is 635.
Support for receiving external certifications Enable people to acquire management skills and other knowledge by providing lessons and paying some expenses for a broader range of certifications and other professional qualifications.
【Results of successful applicants as of December 31, 2023】
FP Skills Test Level 2: 14, Level 3: 98
IT Passport Examination: 56
Business Manager Certification Examination: 118
Mental Health Management Examination: 61 (Type II), 52 (Type III)

Training programs

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    Professional skill training programs for people
    with no experience

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    e-learning structured for self-improvement

A Pleasant and Productive Workplace Environment

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Workplace environment policy

We will maintain pleasant workplace environments where employees can do their jobs with ease and realize their full

■ We provide our people with an environment where they can remain at the Bell-Park Group with confidence while maintaining the proper balance between work, child care, elderly parent care and other personal responsibilities.
■ We maintain sound and rewarding workplaces where people can utilize the latest advances in the fields of AI and ICT.
■ We emphasize diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) for recruiting many types of people and maintaining workplace environments that give everyone equal opportunities and enable employees to fully utilize their capabilities and achieve their goals.

Actions Description
Increase the use of paid vacation • My holidays system, encourage employees to take consecutive days off
Reduce overtime • Send overtime alert messages/td>
Support for child care • Thorough discussions prior to returning to work after child care leave
• Extra payments for child care expenses
• Allow even more working time reduction for child care (extension granted until the end of September for the first year of primary school *From the age of four onwards, full-time work is eight days a month.)
• Extension of the age limit for reduced working hours (up to the childʼs fourth birthday)
• Babysitter subsidy (discount coupons for babysitter dispatch business are issued based on the Babysitter Dispatch Business, a government subsidized program)
Working style diversity • Ability to select working hours
• Work at home and telework
• Programs for a side job and returning to Bell-Park after resigning
Support for staying healthy • Regular health check-ups (female examinations at all ages at company expense)
• Payments for influenza vaccinations
Support for planning and achieving personal goals • Optional saving program for personal goals
• Expanded retirement payment program
Insurance • Group term insurance (¥7 million to ¥50 million death benefit)
*Example: Death benefit of ¥30 million when there are three dependents

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

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The Bell-Park Group welcomes diversity involving experiences and thinking that result from a diverse workforce regarding gender, nationality, sexual orientation, family composition, religion, culture and other characteristics. We will continue to place priority on diversity, equity and inclusion while recognizing and respecting these differences.
Furthermore, we believe that the diversity of key personnel at the Bell-Park Group will be vital for the medium to long-term growth of corporate value. We will continue to use many activities to place women, foreigners and people hired from other companies in management and other key positions.

Actions Description
Support for child care Create positions and backup for shop managers with shorter working hours

Bell-Park has a personnel system that reduces the working hours of shop managers and has provided support for enabling people to return as shop managers with no concerns after time off for child care. Training programs are enhanced to eliminate worries about returning after missing extended time at work.

Career recovery program

We are considering the establishment of a program that eliminates any negative effects on promotions and other job advancement of extended time off for child care or some other reason.

LGBT support We have established a same-sex partnership system and are reexamining internal rules regarding additional provisions in measures for prohibiting SOGI harassment and outing in compliance with the amended Comprehensive Promotion of Labor Measures Act (Power Harassment Prevention Act).
The diversity of key personnel Promotion of women to management positions

Fostering a company-wide atmosphere of encouraging diversity and the success of female employees by setting the ratio of female managers as one of the evaluation indicators for managers.

Promotion of foreign nationals to management positions

Recruiting based on ability regardless of nationality and promoting excellent people to managerial positions based on fair evaluation in accordance with the human resources evaluation system.

Promotion of mid-career hires to management positions

Promote talented people to managerial positions based on fair evaluation in accordance with the human resources evaluation system, regardless of whether they are new graduates or mid-career workers.

Self-confidence training for women As part of measures to create a positive environment for women, we have a training program for women concerning gender bias and self-confidence
Diversify awareness training for managers Altering the mindsets of everyone at the Bell-Park Group, particularly managers, is essential for DEI. Classes are held periodically in order to establish a corporate culture that supports diversity.
Diversity training All employees participate in this training for the purposes of studying measures for empowering women, gaining a better understanding of the LGBT community, and creating workplaces where people understand and accept each other’s differences.

Diversity training participation
Medium-term goals (2024) At least 90%
*Result: 91.7% in 2021, 90.6% in 2022, 99.5% in 2023

Health Management

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To Lovely Future for both mind
and body

Health Management Declaration

In order to continue to provide our customers with a “Lovely Future” and to ensure the sustainable growth of our company, we announce that we will proactively support the maintenance and promotion of health of our employees by continuing the following seven headwords so that each and every one of them can lead a fulfilling life with good mental and physical health. In addition, we will support our customers’ vaccination appointments and health promotion through our business activities by using smart devices.

Focus issues

1. Aim to achieve a 100% health check-up rate.
2. Promote the specified health guidance.
3. Promote smoking cessation during working hours.
4. Promote initiatives for both work and family, such as reducing long working hours and supporting childcare and nursing care.
5. Drink alcohol in moderation.
6. Take thorough measures to prevent infection.
7. Promote healthy eating and exercise.

Health management promotion system

In order to steadily promote our health management initiatives, we have appointed our President as Chief Health Officer (CHO) and have established a health management promotion system headed by the CHO to maintain and improve the health of our employees. In addition, a subcommittee of the Sustainability Promotion Committee (Workforce Motivation and Growth) will work together with the Health and Safety Committee (industrial physicians, health and safety committee members, etc.) and the Executive Committee to resolve and improve health issues and take measures to maintain and improve the health of employees


2024 Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations Recognition Program

We have been recognized as one of the “2024 Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations Recognition Program (Large Corporation Category)” sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Nippon Kenko Kaigi,.
The Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations Recognition Program examines enterprises for working to overcome health-related challenges in regional communities or for promoting health-conscious activities led by the Nippon Kenko Kaigi, and recognizes enterprises for outstanding efforts in health and productivity management.

Contribution to the spread of Health Management

From the perspective of promoting health management, we strive to understand the status of our business partners’ health management initiatives and occupational health and safety, etc., and consider the status of such initiatives when selecting business partners for products and services, etc.

Health Management Promotion Targets and Efforts to Achieve Them

We have set our health management promotion target as follows and will promote efforts to achieve the target.
*Each indicator is calculated on a non-consolidated basis.

1.Health checkup rate
Efforts to achieve the objective:To share the status of medical checkups of subordinates with superiors and to encourage subordinates to undergo medical checkups from superiors as well as human

2022(Result) 2023(Result) 2024(Plan)
94.8% 99.7% 100%

*Counting period: 1 April to 31 March


2.Rate of regular health checkup findings
Efforts to achieve the objective:Implemented the following measures: 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, and 9.

2021(Result) 2022(Result) 2023(Plan)
34.8% 36.3% Improvement from 2022
(below 36.3%)

*Counting period: 1 April to 31 March


3.Completion rate of specific health guidance
(Percentage of specific health guidance completed for employees who were determined to be at high risk of developing lifestyle-related diseases in the specified health checkups)
Efforts to achieve the objective:Regularly encourage employees to receive specific health guidance.

2021(Result) 2022(Result) 2023(Plan)
54.4% 63.9% Improvement from 2022
(above 63.9%)

*Counting period: 1 April to 31 March


4. Smoking rate
Efforts to achieve the objective:Smoking during working hours will be banned, and the company plans to make employees aware of anti-smoking guidelines and provide support for smoking cessation treatment.

2022(Result) 2023(Result) 2024(Plan)
30.6% 29.8% 30%

*Counting period: 1 April to 31 March


5.Number of days of paid leave used
Efforts to achieve the objective:Encourage employees to add one paid vacation to every shift

2022(Result) 2023(Result) 2024(Plan)
12.6days 11.6days 12days



6.Retention rate of full-time employees
Efforts to achieve the objective:We will create an environment in which employees can grow with job satisfaction.

2022(Result) 2023(Result) 2024(Plan)
85.9% 89.4% 90% or more



7.Average monthly overtime hours worked per employee during a year
Efforts to achieve the objective:Alerts on overtime work and guidance from supervisors.

2022(Result) 2023(Result) 2024(Plan)
22.8 hours 22.9 hours 25 hours or less



8.Dissemination of knowledge on proper drinking (e.g., relationship between pure alcohol content and health risks)
Efforts to achieve the objective:Continue to conduct educational activities such as knowledge tests on alcohol consumption with reference to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare’s “Guidelines on Health-Conscious Drinking”.

2022(Result) 2023(Result) 2024(Plan)
79.6% 91.0% 90% or more



9.Percentage of people who are in the habit of exercising (exercising for 30 minutes or more at least twice a week for at least 1 year, or taking 8,000 or more steps per day on average)
Efforts to achieve the objective:Continue to carry out educational activities such as holding events related to exercise

2022(Result) 2023(Result) 2024(Plan)
43.7% 44.9% Improvement from 2023
(above 44.9%)



10.Absenteeism(Inability to perform work itself, such as being late or leaving early due to mental or physical illness, absence from work that makes it difficult to work, or leave of absence.)

2022(Result) 2023(Result) 2024(Plan)
5.5days Improvement from 2023
(below 5.5days)



11.Presenteeism (A condition in which, despite attending work, performance is not improving due to mental and physical health problems.)

2022(Result) 2023(Result) 2024(Plan)
78.0% Improvement from 2023
(above 78.0%)

*Results of an employee survey using the University of Tokyo’s single item version of the Single-Item Presenteeism Question (SPQ): Self-assessment of own performance from 0% to 100%, where 100% is the work performance that can be demonstrated in the absence of illness, injury, or physical condition.
*The 2023 results are the average of monthly measurements from June 2023 to December 2023.