Environmental Responsibility


Activities for the Achievement
of Carbon Neutrality

The Bell-Park Group is dedicated to using the activities of everyone at the group as well as the activities of the public to contribute to the achievement of a low carbon society, asociety where resources are recycled and a society that can coexist with nature.

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Global warming is believed to be a major reason for the increasing frequency worldwide of high temperatures, heavy rain and other unusual and harmful weather. There are concerns about the increasing impact of climate change on our lives and the entire ecosystem. Dealing with this threat will require unified initiatives by countries around the world.

To define the various roles of the Bell-Park Group for combating climate change, the Bell-Park Board of Directors approved a resolution concerning measures for helping achieve carbon neutrality. Based on this resolution, we will use a variety of activities to play a role in creating a sustainable society.

greenhouse gas emissions

1 April 2021 – 31 March 2022 1 April 2022 – 31 March 2023
Scope1 (t-CO2) 114 92
Scope2 (t-CO2) 4,832 4,341
Scope1,2 Total (t-CO2) 4,946 4,433

*Scope1 Direct greenhouse gas emissions by businesses themselves
*Scope2 Indirect greenhouse gas emissions from the use of electricity, heat and steam supplied by other companies

Initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Internal power generation

We have established the goal of placing solar panels on all properties owned by the Bell-Park Group.
*At the end of December 2023, solar panels had been placed on all Bell-Park owned properties in 11 shops. (installation rate on owned properties:84.6%)
*This goal excludes buildings where solar panels cannot be installed safely as a result of a seismic testing of the buildings and due to other reasons.
*The Photo: SoftBank Togane


Use of energy from renewable sources

Where the direct purchase of electricity is possible, Bell-Park Group business sites will switch to using solely electricity from renewable sources by 2030. To work towards achieving carbon neutrality in the future, we are considering the purchase of non-fossil fuel certificates, green electricity certificates, and J-credit renewable electricity certificates.


Reduction of energy consumption

Our goal is an average annual reduction of at least 1% during the next five years in energy used per square meter of floor area. We plan to accomplish this by switching to LED lights, rigorously implementing guidelines for lowering electricity use and other measures.


Mobile phone and PC recycling

With the mobile communications carriers, we support the Mobile Recycling Network and recycle used mobile phones. we also recycles used business PCs.


Use of environmentally responsible vehicles

To reduce greenhouse gas emissions, all vehicles that we purchase from now on will be models certified for low fuel consumption and low emissions. Gasoline-powered vehicles already in use will remain in the company fleet while being carefully maintained by taking into consideration their mileage and conditions in order to reduce the volume of waste materials.


Green procurement of office and other supplies

We will increase the volume of “green” purchases for supplies used at shops, offices and other locations. One measure is the use throughout the group of purchasing systems of suppliers with a large selection of environmentally responsible products.


Reduction and elimination of paper use

We are reducing the use of paper by using tablets for store operations and meetings, switching to electronic documents for personnel tasks, and using other measures. When printed paper documents are needed, both sides of the paper are used to lower the volume of paper needed.