Customer’s Smile

As a provider of telecommunications products and services, Bell-Park plays a key role in increasing the use of smart devices and other products that make customers’ lives more convenient, fulfilling and enjoyable. These activities will contribute to increase customer satisfaction.

Key Issue 2 Customer’s Smile: Medium-term Targets

KPI FY12/24 Target
* Net Promoter Score (Positive/negative recommendation pct.) The goal is to exceed the average of all carrier shops in the Japan.
Pct. of workforce at carrier certified shops with advanced qualifications Maintain a pct. of at least 50%
Customer feedback Use opinions, suggestions and other customer feedback toimprove shop operations

*The Net Promoter Score is determined by asking customers how much they would want to recommend a particular store to a family member or friend if given the opportunity. Replies receive scores from 10 (strong recommendation) to 0 (no desire at all to recommend). Scores between 0 and 6 are classified as negative, 7 and 8 are neutral, and 9 and 10 are positive. The final score is obtained by subtracting the percentage of negative replies from the percentage of positive replies.

Achieving a “Lovely Future”

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Major technological advances and innovations like 5G telecommunications, the Internet of things, artificial intelligence and robots are likely to continue to bring about dramatic changes in how we live.

The Bell-Park Group will continue to upgrade our consulting capabilities involving the latest smart devices and peripheral services as we remain firmly committed to the mission of being a source of a lovely future for our customers.

Strengthening consulting skills

All personnel at shops are encouraged to earn qualifications of mobile carriers in order to raise their consulting skills. In 2021, we newly established the Digitalization Qualification as an internal certification program. The goal is to increase the number of people who can give customers ideas for even greater convenience and enjoyment by using products and services that incorporate digital technologies.


Customer support

Carrier shop personnel answer customers’ questions about service plans, different models of phones and procedures associated with the use of mobile phones. In addition, these people assist first time smartphone users by explaining basic operations, applications and web services.
Furthermore, we provide customers with agent services for transferring phone numbers, setting up accounts and other tasks


Enabling Customers to Use Phones and
Services with Confidence

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Bell-Park is dedicated to providing customers with assistance that precisely reflects their needs in order to allow customers to use mobile phones and services with confidence.

Improving customer satisfaction

To accomplish the goal of providing the best customer service in Japan, the Bell-Park Group is using feedback from customer surveys and other sources to improve how personnel interact with customers and to provide a better environment at shops. In addition, we have established a unique internal program called Best Mobile Concierge certification program to recognize outstanding performance by shop personnel based on comments from surveys completed by customers.


The Anshin Shop (shop with confidence) certification system

Carrier shops operated by the Bell-Park Group that meet certain requirements are certified as an Anshin Shop. Bell-Park certifies shops based on compliance with laws and regulations, other guidelines and a shopʼs own guidelines, the contribution to the sound advancement of the telecommunications industry through a commitment to protecting customers, and other standards.


Bell-Park’s SoftBank Yokkaichi Ikuwa Store Received the Anshin Shop Awards Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Award

*A contest for certified anshin (safety and confidence) shops that recognizes outstanding activities for protecting consumers

Activities of the SoftBank Yokkaichi Ikuwa Store

The reception counter has a small monitor for accurately explaining to customers important information and services provided by the shop. Videos are used to make explanations easy to understand. Videos can be viewed by using a smart speaker. This provides opportunities for customers to try new digital devices themselves.