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Basic Policy for Sustainability

The Bell-Park Group is guided by the sustainability mission of “For the Earthʼs lovely Future.” We are dedicated to playing a role with our stakeholders in creating a sustainable society through activities concerning the environment, society and governance (ESG), while making efforts for sustained growth of the Bell-Park Group as well.

There are four key issues at the Bell-Park Group involving sustainability: environmental responsibility, customer satisfaction, workforce motivation and growth, and social responsibility. We will use a diverse array of initiatives for achieving our goals concerning sustainability. We will use our business operations, everything from the provision of products and services to activities of companies and the public, for performing a broad range of measures for sustainability. Information about major activities will be provided on our website and through other channels. We will also use activities that are easy to understand to reinforce the sustainability awareness and understanding of everyone at our group.

Sustainability Promotion System


The Sustainability Promotion Committee and its four working groups, one for each key issue, are the primary units responsible for activities to help solve issues concerning these key issues. The committee is responsible for making decisions about sustainability. Members of the committee discuss policies, targets and actions, reach decisions, oversee progress toward these targets, and perform other duties. The Board of Directors supervises activities to help solve sustainability issues by receiving reports from the Sustainability Promotion Committee about programs involving the key issues, the achievement of goals and other items.

Sound and Transparent Governance

The Company’s basic philosophy of corporate governance is to establish a business management system that can respond promptly to changes in the business environment and ensure management transparency. In order to respond promptly to changes in the business environment, we position the Board of Directors as the body with the responsibility for making decisions on important matters and for supervising business operations, and to promote prompt decision-making. In addition, with regard to ensuring management transparency, we will strive to strengthen both our compliance and risk management systems and to ensure that we make timely disclosure(s).