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The website does not intend to induce users to purchase or sell our companyʼs stock. Itʼs goal is to provide information. Users shall be responsible for their use of the website. Although Bell-Park or a third party carefully prepares and administers the information published on the website, we do not guarantee the accuracy or integrity of the information.
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Stock information published on the website, such as stock prices, is closing price information provided by StockWeather.com, Inc. (The dayʼs stock price is updated 20 minutes after the close of the stock market.) All due attention is paid to the content published on the website. Nevertheless, Bell-Park, StockWeather.com, Inc., and Tokyo Stock Exchange are not liable for any damages arising from any information such as incorrect information published on the website or from communication failures.

Information published on this website is not intend to induce users to invest. Users are asked to make investment decisions at their own discretion.
We prohibit the use, copying, sale, or similar act of the information published on the website.

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