Message from the President

imgPresident & CEO
Kento Nishikawa

With telecommunications as its main field, the Bell-Park Group has handled a variety of products and services to date, aiming for sustainable growth. In order to achieve the medium-term qualitative goals currently set forth, the main business of the carrier shops business is expanding its store network and expanding its customer base through new store openings and M&A to promote the digitalization of local communities. In the Corporate Solutions business, we are working to strengthen our organizational structure, expand the services we offer, and sharpen our consulting skills in order to provide a high level of support for corporate DX initiatives.
We anticipate that advancements in telecommunication infrastructure and diversification of digital services will further progress, leading to the increasing integration of new IT technologies such as generative AI and the metaverse into daily life and economic activities.
The Bell-Park Group will pursue a form appropriate for the new era, focusing on our mission of ” Lovely future” while utilizing the strength of “people” as the driving force of growth, to address the new demands and challenges brought about by the spread of these technologies.

May 2024